Hob Nob Perfect Plan

Scheme earns his Register Of Merit Excellent title thru his wonderful progeny!


At 12 years young, Scheme is Still THE ONE!

Dual Champion!

Scheme has earned these titles:  Ch, HC, AX, AXJ, AAD

snow pictures taken on 12/19/08 as Scheme is 2 months shy of turning 12 years young!

Scheme and his son Steeple having snow races on 12/19/08

Take A Chance on Me......

I debated a long time about owning a border collie.  They are fast and 
beautiful but I also heard the stories of some being hyperactive and self entertaining. It was a fateful day when my good friend Carol Schiefer told me all about Scheme and we took a ride to Hob Nob Land for introductions.  Janice, Scheme and myself took a chance on each other when I came home with this wonderful black and white handsome border collie.

Always so willing to please he quickly learned agility and is also my personal herding instructor.   We've also made our debut in the conformation ring and thru our trial and tribulations we accomplished my first owner/handled conformation Championship. Above all else, he is my loving companion who is just as happy lying on the couch and watching TV with me or listening intently with his famous head tilt when I've had a bad day at work.  He wakes me up each morning by gently licking and snuffling my ear to let me know it's time to get up and get moving.
Thanks Janice & Scheme for taking that chance on me!

Gail Smith, WA


Scheme has sired these fabulous dogs:   Bru   Ditto  Posh   Quip  Reason  Scanner  Score  Sequel   Slick  Specter  Steeple  Storm  Summit  Surf   Sybil  Ticket   ZZ    just to name a few of his offspring!       

Hob Nob Leading Edge & Hob Nob Perfect Plan

Scheme posing with daughter Sybil

8 month old Steeple posing with his handsome father Scheme