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You Are The life has changed!
In November of 1985, I was competing with my Novice A Labrador Retriever Damien in Super Dog at the Central Regional in Duluth, Minnesota and laid my eyes for the first time on a team that made me want a Border Collie. 
Jan DeMello and Widget were competing in the Super Dog division that year and although we qualified in all classes with decent scores, Damien ended up in 11th place because I was distracted and enamored with watching Jan and Widget training in the practice rings, at the hotel as well as their ring performances.  I am very glad that Jan didn't notice me watching so intently or she might have thought I was stalking her!  I remember Widget and Jan having such an amazing connection - and I wondered what it would be like to have such a connection between woman and dog.  Widget had so much intensity and drive with determination and I wondered what it would be like to handle that much intensity and focused drive.Widget.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Jan and I became good friends a few years later and in 1999, I brought home my own Hob Nob Border Collie and found out what it is like to have that connection, focused drive and determination!

I am primarily an obedience enthusiast (I've put an OTCH on 3 Border Collies as well as my Lab)...however, I have also fallen in love with herding and have been competing in that venue for about 5 years.

Reason has always been very focused and driven to work with me.  Obedience and agility training came very natural to him because of his 'want to' attitude - whatever I want to do, he wants to as well.  He is the most stylish/natural heeling partner I have worked, having natural attention and focus.  I have been training him in obedience since he was 7 weeks old. 

Reason has his UKC-CD and placed in all 4 Novice classes, winning with two High In Trial awards.  In addition, he has his AKC CD, CDX & UD winning a total of 8 High In Trial awards.

Reason *is*
Meant To Be with me and we are having a blast together doing everything with flash and style as he is an unbelievably versatile dog.
I thank Jan DeMello so much for allowing him to be part of my life. Nancy Little, MN