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What can I say about a GIFT like Spree? 

 When I lost Ledge, most of all, I lost a soulmate.  I also lost an agility partner since Charter was too young to trial and just starting his training.  I missed agility – it was such a big part of my life. 

What can I say about a FRIEND like Jan? 

A breeder extraordinaire for sure but when she sent me an email and offered to let me run Spree – HER dog,  I was floored – it was so unexpected.  Jan had taken Spree up to the top levels of competition in agility.  She was superbly trained and young enough to be a partner for years to come.  What a once in a lifetime opportunity – to get to run with such a schoolmaster.

What can I say about a DOG like Spree? 

First of all, she puts up with me!  She has taught me more in the short time I’ve done agility with her than I ever thought possible.  I feel honored every time I step into a ring with her – whether it’s practice, training, or competing (Spree is much more accomplished than I will ever be).  She makes me a better handler than I thought I could ever be.  But all that has taken second place to the love she has offered to me and the bond we share.  Working at Guide Dogs,  every day I see how dogs can adjust and bond to new handlers.  It’s truly amazing.  Their capacity for love seems to know no bounds.  They can love each person equally and fully. 

I know Spree will never stop loving Jan with all her heart – it’s evident every time they are together - but that doesn’t ever detract from her love for me (I think there’s a lesson to be learned in that).

Jan, words really can’t cover the depth...of my gratitude for letting Spree, Charter, Ledge, and Tux be such incredible partners for me.  They are all treasured .  Spree is a gift beyond all words and don’t think for a minute I don’t know how hard it was to let her go!  I am eternally grateful to you as a breeder and most of all a friend.

Kathy Kelly, CA

Spree has earned her Herding Trial Championship as well as AX, AXJ, AAd