Hob Nob classic summit

Jan told me that once I had a border collie for a companion that I would never have another breed.  I always thought I would never own more than one border collie, but after time with Frisco I knew that Jan was right and I was ready for another border collie.  In 1999 I contacted "Janice DeMello"  .  She informed that she was going to breed Frisco's mother again, my heart leapt with excitement and I asked to be on that puppy list.

I got a nice looking tri girl from the breeding of Scheme and Static.  I decided to call her "SUMMIT".  Summit and I have grown in our relationship.  Summit is a little independent but the second I need her she is right beside me ready to train, cuddle or just lay beside me.  She is my little angel. 

 She has let me excel in the sport of agility.  She is very fast and very responsive to my handling.  People are always coming up to us after we run and say what a wonderful team we are.  She is like driving a porsche, from 0 to 60 in .05 seconds.  My students fight over who might get to run her in agility as she keeps their handling honest.

Summit also enjoys herding as much as agility.  She was always very natural with the sheep, able to read them so much more than I am able to.  So with her patience I got to learn all about herding, pressure, balance, and how to read the sheep.  I just wished I enjoyed the sport as much as she does.

Summit also has competed in obedience.  She is very precise and obtained a perfect score of 200, but she does the sport for me more than for herself.  So we finished our UD with some High In Trial and High Combined awards, but I told her that she could go back to the agility field and do what she loves the most.


Jan, I just want to thank you for your breeding program.  I have gotten two border collies from you with both being OFA Excellent, very healthy and wonderful lifetime friends.  I love the time and effort that you put into your breeding program and I know where I will go to get my next Border Collie.  "THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST".   Kim Terrill, NM

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