Hob Nob sybil’s mind game

Every Breath I Take...

When I was thinking of getting my first border collie, I had a “pie-in-the-sky” idea of what I hoped for regarding personality, intelligence, athletic ability, and physical appearance.  It now amazes me how much Sybil has turned out to be exactly as I imagined.  She is simply wonderful!

As a puppy, Sybil was happy, curious, and playful, and she met each new adventure with incredible confidence.  Sybil's ability to learn new behaviors is extraordinary.  As an adult, her high drive, confidence and athletic ability combined with her biddable nature has made her the perfect agility partner.  Running with Sybil on an agility course is the ultimate thrill-ride for me.  Away from agility, Sybil is a sweet, attentive, and exceptional companion who loves any and all activities whether it’s hiking, swimming, or simply waiting patiently for me to finish my yard work.

 It is hard to put into words what this little girl means to me, but she has certainly exceeded my expectations and has been a joyous addition to our family. 

Thanks to Jan DeMello for giving me the opportunity to adopt one of her exceptional Border Collies and to Sandi Andersen for investing the time and energy to raise a litter of perfect pups.

 Mark Bowerman, Longmont, CO