Hob Nob never ending story
Fable has earned these titles: V, U-CD, CD, HSAs, MX, MXJ, MAD, SAM, TM, RM, JM, AS, AG
Fable is also known as the 'Quad Father' for his son Quad Ch. Slider!Slider.htmlSlider.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Fate, Destiny or Chance...

In 1997 I attended the first Border Collie Society Of America National Specialty where I saw a beautiful, wonderful working, expertly handled Border Collie on the herding field.  That Border Collie was Hob Nob Freeze Frame better known as 'Static'.  The handler, Janice DeMello,  the other half of this terrific team earned High In Trial in herding that day.  I also had the pleasure to meet and watch several other Hob Nob Border Collies compete at obedience and agility trials as well as Super Dog competitions where many wins were achieved.  These dogs were related to Jan's OTCH Hob Nob By The Wayside aka 'Trivet' and CH/OTCH Hob Nob Jump Start aka 'Juice'.

When I decided to enrich my life with another Border Collie, I kept thinking of the dog and woman at the National and her awesome obedience, herding and agility dogs.  I knew that I wanted a versatile Border Collie with intelligence, terrific temperament, athletic sound body...what could meet this criteria?  A Hob Nob Border Collie of course! 

In May of 2001, Hob Nob Never Ending Story aka 'Fable' arrived.  His dam is 'Static' and his sire is Hob Nob Perfect Sense aka 'Logic' who is a Juice son. 

Was it Fate, Destiny or Chance...that I would have a son/grandson of the great Hob Nob Border Collies that I have admired.  Although he was only hours old, I fell for 'Fable' when I saw his first puppy photos.  He was the one my heart wanted and I secretly hoped that this would be the puppy that Jan chose for me to share my life with.  My heart raced the day Jan sent me the news of her choice of which puppy was to be my lifelong partner...could it be, would it be my choice as well?  YES!!!

At his young age, 'Fable' is a quick and willing learner, a joy to train, easy to live with, full of personality and a handsome boy too!  He's also an expert snuggler, a trait passed down from his granddad 'Juice'.  Everyone that meets him falls for his charm and intelligence.  He is everything I could want in a companion and future performance partner. 

My life has been greatly enriched with this fantastic Border Collie and the friendship of Janice DeMello.      Jan, I can not THANK YOU enough!   Yvonne Anderson, WA

Fable’s dam is Static                      Fable’s sire is Logic