Hob Nob perfect sense

Imagine my excitement when Janice told me a littermate to my first border collie was to be bred to the magnificent Juice!  I couldn't wait!  I anxiously awaited my perfect red boy.

And perfect he is!  Logic has fulfilled all of my expectations and much, much more.  He has an incredible work ethic, drive and intensity.  He is also a wonderful family companion.

Logic completed his UDX and has over 30 OTCH points (but living in Alaska makes finishing an OTCH not practical).  He is competing in excellent in agility and should complete his titles in the summer of '05.

Although we've never competed in herding, we've dabbled earning a PT.  Logic's natural ability shines through.

Logic truly is a one-in-a-lifetime dog.  His great looks, wonderful temperament and perfect health are a testament to Janice's careful breeding.  Logic's legacy lives on with me in his son "Ransom"--a chip off the old block! Karen Wolski,  Alaska

Logic’s dam is Divot and his sire is Juice