Hob Nob jump start

'Juice' my little Muffin Man!  From the moment I held Juice in my arms as a 3 day old puppy, I dubbed him "The Perfect Puppy"!   True to his name he achieved 5 perfect scores of '200' in obedience competitions.  Amazingly, with little training, Juice earned his

OTCH in just 3 days

only 4 days after obtaining his UD!!!

This picture of Juice retrieving the dumbbell was taken just a week shy of his 13th birthday on May of 2002.  In his youth, Juice was a dynamic retriever as witnessed by many who saw him demonstrate his blazing speed only to stop within inches of the dumbbell as split second timing commanded him to "leave it" and return without ever touching it when used in demonstrating control at my seminars

picture on right is Juice surrounded by his favorite toys as he celebrates his 14th birthday.

Picture on left shows Juice cooling off in the pool at 15 years young!

Juicer's greatest gift to me is his daughter Chisel and his grandkids Bezel and Spree

Juice was best known for his signature hugs and snorts to which he proudly passes the hugging trait to many of his offspring.