Hob Nob moving violation

…And to think I almost missed out on my VERY special tri-boy.  Thank you Kim for opening my eyes to the joys of a male Border Collie.  After Ticket spent an unexpected overnight stay in Salt Lake City and a sleepless one for me, I might add, Ticket finally arrived.  It was the middle of the school day, so my husband brought him straight from the airport to my school.  He played with my students for a while then curled up under my desk and went to sleep, happy to be at his final destination.  He truly was the perfect puppy, no accidents in the house and crate trained right from the start, thank-you Sandi. 

Ticket is my first Border Collie and I find it difficult to express my feelings about him without sounding like a broken record... he is amazing!  At home he is a lap dog/couch potato, with one eye on me at all times.  This is just in case I head toward the backyard and the agility equipment.  Then he simply “turns on” at the thought of working.  He is forgiving of my weaknesses and loves to train.  A daily walk, an occasional hike, road trips, and ball in the park are some of our favorite activities. 

Thank you Jan DeMello and Sandi for giving me the opportunity to own a Hob Nob Border Collie.  And to think I almost missed out..  Linda Johns, NM

Ticket has earned his ADCH, MX and MXJ

Ticket is a littermate to Sybil