Hob Nob leading edge

Edge is my first Border Collie puppy that I raised and trained.   I had admired Edge's mother Static and met her father Logic when his owner Karen Wolski flew down from Alaska for the breeding.  I had so much to learn about training a border collie puppy, but what fun I had and the end result is the sweetest dog I could ever imagine owning!  She has the drive, biddability, athletic ability and work ethic all rolled into one dog!  I love her sweet nature, she's never met a person she didn't like.  She has taught me a lot more about agility and teamwork. She is my soul mate for life and when I look into her soft brown eyes I know she loves me as much as I love her.    She has added so much to my life, I can always tell her stories about a rough day at work and she is always there to listen and to comfort me.  She'll put her front paws around my neck to hug me and give me sweet kisses when things get to be too much..... When I walk out to the start line in agility and look back at her she has the intensity and drive that tells me that she is ready to do whatever I ask of her .  Her name suits her well because she always keeps me on the edge.  I LOVE this dog.  Thank you Jan for having Edge share my life.

Gail Smith, Rochester, WA

Edge has earned her HSAs, AX, MXJ and is now competing at the Excellent B level in AKC and the Master level in USDAA

Edge dam is Static and her sire is Logic

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