Hob Nob perfect ending

What can I say about the Harley/Scheme kids except WOW!  I had already witnessed first hand the agility ability of older sister Sybil from the first breeding and have the pleasure of living with Powerful Posh, I hoped in my heart that I too would be able to have a Harley/Scheme kid.  Sandi had brought Harley and her puppies for a visit and it was neat to see all the puppies play.  I had entered a herding trial that same weekend and as I was thinking about this litter being the last of the Harley/Scheme kids, I hoped I would be lucky enough to have a puppy from this last breeding.  As I was sitting under a lovely shade tree at the herding trial trying to think of puppy names, the name Sequel kept flashing in my mind and as I was trying to put a registered name together, all of a sudden I thought of Perfect Ending since Scheme is Perfect Plan and this litter was the ending of Harley's wonderful litters.  I came home from the herding trial to find that I had indeed been fortunate to get a puppy from this litter and I couldn't be happier. 

Sequel is the girlie version of her dad Scheme in temperament, willingness to please, work ethic and cuddle factor.  She has started her agility and herding training. She is such a pleasure to train with a great attitude and intelligence that says it's all about pleasing me and giving me everything I ask of her when showing her new things.  She just earned her first leg in Started A sheep and loves her sheep as well as jumping, climbing and learning to weave. She is such a delight. Thank you Jan and Sandi for allowing Sequel to come into my life.  I love her so much!
Gail Smith
Rochester, WA

view Sequel's OFA hip x-ray  & the OFA prelim report taken at 21 months of age

'Sequel' pictured at 9 weeks of age

Sequel is from the last litter of Scheme and Harley


Sequel is owned by Gail Smith and Jan DeMello

Sequel's older siblings are Sybil, Ticket, Posh, Slick, Icon, Trace and Steeple just to name a few!